1  Ferry Building
2  Union Square
4  W Hotel
5  Zeum
7  Andrea Schwartz Gallery
8  Westfield Mall
9  Town Hall Restaurant
10 Grasshopper Salon
11 South Park Café
12 AT&T Baseball Park
14 Crossroads Café
15 Boulevard Restaurant
16 St Regis Hotel
17 Fringale
18 Tres Agaves
19 Jeremys
20 El Centro Café
21 ISDA Clothing
22 21st Amendment
23 Metroen Theatres
24 Bamboo Reef
25 K&L Wine Merchant
26 South Park, the park
27 Safeway Grocery Store
28 Caltrain Station
29 The Creamery
30 Borders Bookstore
31 Epic Roasthouse

1. Ferry Building
Organic Locally grown produce: upscale gourmet shops and restaurants. website
Mario Botta design is great and the exhibits are good too.

©Chritina Koci Hernandaz

6. COCO Restaurant
Loretta Kellers new take on her old Bizou space. Cool calm and collected. website
29. The Creamery
Ritual Coffee. WIFI. Crepes. Sweet Sue's Pastries. Grab and go sandwiches. Patio for Sunning. Spandex Sightings. Relaxed charm.
11. South Park Café
French bistro in San Francisco. nuff said. website
12. AT&T Baseball Park
McCovey Cove, garlic fries, and Barry Bonds - Scandaliscious.
13. Limn
Ubertrendyspensivdesign, If you have to ask, you can't afford it. website
7. Andrea Schwartz Gallery
Emerging artists in a great space.
525 2nd Street
415 295 2090
17. Fringale
Since 1991, French Basque bistro. website
©2005 Jacques Mueller

20. Caffé Centro
European feel, great coffee
Perfect lunch spot for eavesdropping on web 3.0 designers. website

22. 21st Amendment
Warehouse interior. Watermelon wheat. Pub Grub. Near ballpark, great beer.
24. Bamboo Reef
Learn the wonders under the sea. website

25. K&L Wine Merchant
Staff nose their stuff. Value. www.klwines.com
World’s best wines.

26. South Park
It's alive. Panhandlers and 21st century designers meet up with the locals. This park that has seen it all, twice. And it's nice.

30. Borders Book Store
200 King Street
415 357 9931
ZaZa Nail Spa
When your mani pedi needs some zoom zoom zoom.
Great for spa parties.